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Iveco Eltrac EASY (Electronic Advanced System) Diagnostic Software v16 (Astra + Buses)


Free remote installation service included

Iveco Eltrac EASY (Electronic Advanced System) allows the diagnosis of various electronic control units and modules on an Iveco vehicle, using a communications module (ECI)  E.A.SY. The software has a friendly interface designed to facilitate access to features, and make diagnostic procedures clear. The software for the E.A.SY platform provides a single intuitive interface, through which it is possible to consult a guide to repairs organized by symptom.

IVECO EASY version: v16.1.0

Release: 2021

Regions: All

Supported languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Croatian, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Korean, Brazilian.

Iveco EASY main features:

  • Make active ECU diagnostic
  • Make parameter programming
  • Perform engine tests
  • View wiring diagrams

IVECO EASY Permissions:

  • ArgoTractorsCs
  • ASTRAFull
  • ASTRAFullNp
  • CNHFull
  • CNHFullNp
  • DVDFull
  • DVDFullNp
  • DVD_LMV_Np
  • DVD_LMV_VM90
  • DVD_LMV_VM90_Np
  • DVD_LMV_VM90_RG12
  • DVD_LMV_VM90_RG12_Np
  • DVD_MG410
  • DVD_MG410_Np
  • DVD_RG12
  • DVD_RG12_Np
  • DVD_VM90_RG12
  • DVD_VM90_RG12_MMV_MG410
  • DVD_VM90_RG12_MMV_MG410_Np
  • DVD_VM90_RG12_Np
  • EBUFull
  • EBUFullNp
  • EBUOnlyProg
  • EDT
  • FptFsl
  • FptMulticarEol
  • FptSorEol
  • IvecoAstraBelgium
  • Iveco Asia-Pacific
  • IvecoAstraSpain
  • Iveco Daily NoProg
  • Iveco Bus Full
  • Iveco Bus Full no programming
  • Iveco Bus No Minibus
  • Iveco Bus no Minibus no programming
  • Iveco Bus Minibus only
  • Iveco Bus Minibus only no programming
  • Iveco Daily
  • Iveco Full
  • IVECOFullNp
  • IvMotorsFull
  • PowerTech
  • Tata-Daewoo Full
  • TataDaewoo-Manufacturing
  • UAZ_CS
  • UAZ_Manufacturing
  • VMFull
  • VMFullNp

Minimum system requirements:

  • AMD or Intel Celeron/Pentium CPU 1.5 GHz or higher,
  • 4 GB RAM or higher
  • 15 GB free space,
  • USB 1.1 port (USB 2.0 recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or higher

Installation Duration: ~45 minutes

Installation: The program will be fully installed and activated remotely via TeamViewer or AnyDesk session. After successful payment, you'll receive an email instantly with the download link and further instructions. If you don't receive the email after payment, make sure to check your spam folder or contact us via the live chat from the icon at the bottom right corner. All our packages are stored in a MEGA premium account for a better download experience. A failed installation will result in a full refund.

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