VW Polo (AW/BZ) General Maintenance Workshop Manual


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VW Polo (AW/BZ) Heating & Air Conditioner Repair Workshop Manual with high-quality graphics and illustrations.

Format: PDF

Pages: 152

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Covered VW Vehicles

  • Polo (AW/BZ) series


  • Engine list
  • Service work
  • General information
  • Descriptions of work:
  • Exhaust emissions test
  • Glossary
  • Change history


  • Engine list
  • Service work
    • Information about flexible or fixed service
    • Service tables
  • General information
    • Raising vehicle with lifting platform or trolley jack
    • Entries in service schedule
    • Severe operating conditions
    • Vehicle data sticker
    • Connecting vehicle diagnostic tester
    • Vehicle identification number
    • Countries with hot climate
    • Country overview for petrol not compliant with EN 228
    • Country overview for diesel not compliant with EN 590
    • Engine code and engine number
    • Countries with high levels of dust
    • Identification plate
    • Shortened intervals for spark plug replacement
  • Descriptions of work:
    • Removable towing bracket: checking and cleaning if necessary
    • Swivel joints and suspension link mountings: inspecting
    • Automatic headlight control and static cornering light: checking function
    • Battery (12V): checking battery terminal clamps for secure seating
    • Battery (12V): checking with battery tester (always refer to workshop manual)
    • Status of battery (12V): reading – sending diagnosis protocol via online connection
    • Front passenger front airbag: checking key switch and “ON/OFF function”
    • Tyres: checking condition, wear pattern, tyre pressure and tread depth
    • Brake and clutch system: Change brake fluid
    • Brake system and shock absorbers: inspecting for leaks and damage
    • Brake fluid level: checking
    • Brakes, front and rear: checking thickness of pads/linings and condition of brake discs/drums
    • Diesel fuel filter: draining
    • Diesel fuel filter: renewing
    • Diesel particulate filter: checking
    • Dual clutch gearbox 0D9: changing gear oil and filter
    • Electric windows: checking positioning (open and close functions)
    • Natural gas system: reset interval display if a check in line with ECE ruling 110 has been carried out
    • Natural gas system: inspect natural gas tank for corrosion and leakage
    • Natural gas system: checking wax layer between natural gas fuel tank and fuel tank shut-off valve
    • Natural gas tank: renew
    • Natural gas filler connection and sealing cap: check condition, clean if necessary and check seal
    • Fault memory of all systems: reading with vehicle diagnostic tester , correcting possible faults according to repair guidelines
    • Boots: inspecting
    • Interior and exterior body: inspecting for corrosion with doors and flaps open
    • Poly V-belt: renewing
    • Poly V-belt: checking condition
    • Cooling system: checking frost protection and coolant level
    • Air filter: cleaning housing and renewing filter element
    • Multi-purpose additive for diesel fuel: adding
    • Protected by copyright. Copying for private or commercial purposes, in part or in whole, is not permitted unless authorized by Volkswagen AG. Volkswagen AG does not guarantee or accept any liability with respect to the correctness of information in this document. Copyright by Volkswagen AG.
    • Multi-purpose additive for petrol fuel: adding
    • Engine and components in engine compartment: inspecting for leaks and damage (from above and below)
    • Engine cover panel “top”: removing and installing
    • Engine compartment cover (noise insulation) “bottom”: removing and installing
    • Engine oil level: checking
    • Engine oil: draining; renewing oil filter and filling engine oil
    • Engine oil: capacities and specifications
    • Panoramic sliding sunroof
    • Road test: performing (driving behaviour, noises, air conditioner etc.)
    • Wheel securing bolts: tightening to specified torque
    • Reducing agent (AdBlue®/DEF): replenishing
    • Reducing agent (AdBlue®/DEF): changing
    • Tyre Pressure Loss Indicator: calibrating
    • Tyre repair set: checking
    • Window wash/wipe system and headlight washer system: checking function
    • Headlight adjustment: checking halogen headlights
    • Headlight adjustment: checking LED headlights
    • Headlight adjustment: checking fog lights
    • Service interval display: resetting
    • Service interval display: recoding
    • Track rods: checking clearance, attachment and boots
    • Dust and pollen filter: cleaning housing and renewing filter element
    • Transportation mode: switching off
    • Transportation devices: removing blocking pieces
    • Clock and date: setting
    • Underbody: inspecting for damage to underbody sealant, underbody panels, routing of lines, plugs
    • Toothed belt (petrol engines): renewing
    • Camshaft drive toothed belt (diesel engines): renewing
    • Spark plugs: renewing
  • Exhaust emissions test
    • Exhaust emissions test for petrol engines
    • Exhaust emissions test for diesel engines
  • Glossary
  • Change history

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